Why Do Women Earn Less Money than Men?

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Why Do Women Earn Less Money than Men?


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This controversial article will be another one of those critical articles, primarily because we will provide you with facts and not the type of narrative that goes well with your feelings. 

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into our article, “Why Do Women Earn Less Money than Men?“. 

Is it Gender Inequality?

In the last couple of years, a strong feminist movement has begun spreading increased narratives.

  women earn less money than men

Some of them, false without looking at the data. The truth is there’s no gender gap in terms of money.

Women do not get paid less than men do for doing the same job. That’s not how the economy works.

There are several differences in the choice’s women make versus men, which are only visible if you look at the significant population level.

The most common saying you’ll hear is that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, which is false.

To get that number, they total the amount of money all women in the United States made in one year and all the money men made, and they compared the two amounts. 


It turns out the total amount for men was greater than the total number of females and ran with it.

What this way too simplistic comparison fails to consider are the following: –

  • The number of hours worked.
  • Specialization
  • Overtime
  • Leisure time and more.

We’ve put together this list to prove, based on statistical data, that women earn less money than men on average because they have different priorities than their male counterparts, and in most cases, they choose to do so.

We also can’t forget that our society is structured so that this has always been the norm, and it’s up to strong and powerful women to shatter that norm to pieces.

You might be offended by this article.tubebuddy But if you’re a strong woman, you’ll look through this list to see if you can identify gaps in your strategy and if your main goal is to increase the amount of money you’re being paid, all you have to do is make sure you don’t fall into any of these traps.

This article will also be beneficial to men who struggle to increase their salary or to look to generate more money.

We’ll not be holding back any punches.

We’ve based this article on multiple studies and data we could find from universities that try to break down this issue.

Women typically don’t prioritize earnings as high as men do.

In a 2015 study on females, physicians showed that women prioritise collegiality and control over personal time, rather than substantial pay and are on average less interested in advancing in the corporate world than men.

women earn less money than men

Typically, by nature, women care more about family relationships and their relationships with co-workers than men do if you analyze them from a macro perspective. 

It’s weird to say this, but men care less about friendships than women do, which translates to higher pay and a willingness to be unlike by your team if it would further your bottom line. 

Also, if a lady with a hot figure in any office gets the attention of her male colleagues, she will ensure justice in reciprocating back to each one of them, except for some jerks.

In the case of a family with a brother and sister, the sister will have more chances of keeping her parents above her job requirements. Even at the cost of quitting that job.

Women are typically less competitive than men.

A Stanford University study shows that women have different attitudes than men toward competition, risk, and altruism. Why Do Women Earn Less Money than Men?

On average, women want to be liked more than they do to win. 

The study’s interesting findings showed that when women were forced to compete, they won the experiment the same amount of time as men did. 

So we’re dealing here with a choice of whether to compete and not with a biological lack of skill.

Women work on average fewer hours than men.

A 2015 study showed that men worked 14 hours more per month than women on average between employed men and women. 

That’s an average of 40 minutes per day, build extra by the men. 

Men are also more willing to work longer hours without advance notice which women usually stay away from. 

In working hours in late-night, men by default are the only options left in front of offices. 


A lady will never be comfortable travelling alone in any hired taxi late at night

Even if she is willing to for late-night taxi travel, her parents or husband will never agree to that idea.

All these tiny bits of info add up, and you’ll see as we progress through the list that if you go through it and account for all of them, there is no pay gap because of gender.

Women typically work less dangerous jobs.

Even though women make up for half of the labour force, men are 11 times more likely to die doing their jobs, and this statistic does not include the military.

Why Do Women Earn Less Money than Men?

Mining, infantry, artillery, Naval Warships, diving, Commandoes, etc., are a few of the challenging jobs where women will never be motivated to join.

Men are overly dominating workplaces where human life could be in danger, which translates to higher pay.

Women typically specialize in fields that pay less than men do.

This is pretty straightforward; the economy works based on the laws of supply and demand. 

The industries where there is more demand will pay better than others. 

Women, however, outnumber men in lower-tier jobs, such as secretarial and administrative roles, whereas men predominate in senior positions. 

And women cluster in occupations and industries that pay lower salaries overall. SEMrushPrimary-school teachers in the OECD, for example, earn 20% less than the average for university graduates. 

In the European Union, 70% of working women are in occupations where at least 60% of employees are female. 

In America, the four jobs done by the most significant numbers of women—teacher, nurse, secretary, and health aide—are all at least 80% female.

For example, Georgetown University did a study on the highest and lowest-paying majors that students specialize in the five highest-paying were in this order: –

  1. Petroleum engineering -87% male
  2. Pharmaceutical sciences -52% female.
  3. Mathematics and computer science -67% male.
  4. Aerospace engineering -88% male.
  5. Chemical engineering -72% male.

What’s important to notice here is that out of the five highest-paying majors. 

Women only represent men in one of five, and even there, it’s just by a tiny percentage.

The same study looked at the five worst paying college majors as follows: –

  1. Counselling and psychology -74% female.
  2. Early childhood education -97% female.
  3. Theology and religious vocations -66% male.
  4. Human Services and community organization -81% female.
  5. Social work -88% female

Women in all dominate the worst paying college majors, but one category even if they go for the same profession. 

Let’s take, for example, Nurses.

The males tend to gravitate more toward the better-paying specializations and work longer hours on average than women.

Women enter the workforce later than men.

On average, there’s a one-point four-year gap between the time men get their first job, usually a low-paying one, then women to begin with. 

This translates into more work experience, which correlates to higher-paying wages in the future. 

This is also called the parenting bias because parents are usually more protective of their daughters than their sons. 

Parents in the Indian Sub-Continent don’t allow daughters to do some high paying jobs before marriages. 


Over a period, daughters are considered a burden for the parents until they get married off to someone. Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!Why Do Women Earn Less Money than Men?Most of the time, these families are married off to someone under Arranged Marriage setup, who is more comfortable with a homemaker than a working wife. 

Even if the husband agrees to allow his wife to work, she will be pressurized to get pregnant before her third marriage anniversary.

Otherwise, she may be branded as an infertile female who can never conceive.

Women ask for less money when getting a new job than men do.

Another thing to consider is the willingness to accept anything that is put on the table for the first job. 

Women are more open to securing a position than men, while men would postpone accepting a position favouring shopping around for alternatives with better pay. 

Women accept the current terms with the idea that they’ll prove themselves over time. 

This leads to a significant percentage gap between men and women regarding their first salary, usually taking women up to three years to catch up.

Men tend to negotiate their starting salaries more aggressively, and a study showed that, on average, among highly educated men with the same specialization, they earned up to $4,000 more than women in their first position. 

Going back to women typically wanting to be liked rather than to win.

Some might shy away from standing the ground in negotiations and demanding their worth, but if you’re going to make up the difference, that’s what you got to do.

Women are less likely to ask for a raise than men.

Men are four times more likely to ask for a raise. On average, women like to wait to be offered a salary increase instead of asking for one beforehand. 

Even if they ask for them, women are 25% less likely to get a raise than men because of their willingness to risk losing the job. 

Women often see pay raise negotiations as brutal and usually don’t want to be aggressive.

However, being aggressive and knowing what you’re worth is the solution to the problem.

Women typically vacation more than men do.

Women take a vacation on average every 10 months while men every 12 months. women earn less money than men

It seems that while men play the game for the high score, women are more interested in the benefits and the rewards the game has to offer. 

This is one of those situations where women got it right.

Life is about experiences, not just getting as much money as possible in the bank account, but this does add to the perceived difference in earnings.

Women are more likely to leave work to take care of the family.

It boils down to priorities once again. 

Family is more important to women than men, and their approach is slightly different when it comes to providing for them. 

While men typically think that providing security and resources to the group is the most critical item on the list, women place attention at the top. 

Women’s lower salaries mean that they often fall into poverty when they divorce or are widowed

Lack of financial independence prevents some from leaving abusive partners

Policies and workplace norms that make it easier for men to split parental duties equally with their partners can tip the scale. 

Parents, for their part, need to instil in their children the idea that they can be anything—and not only if they are girls. 

Gender equality will remain elusive until boys are as excited as girls about becoming teachers, nurses, and full-time parents.

For example, mothers of special children with special needs are more prone to leave their jobs to stay at home to take care of the child.

After the first child is born, women scale back on work more than men do.

Typically, after having the first child, women are more likely to shift from a full-time job to a part-time job than men. women earn less money than men

The main reason women are less likely than men to reach higher-level positions is that they are their children’s primary carers. 

In eight countries polled by The Economist and YouGov earlier this year, 44-75% of women with children living at home said they had scaled back at work after becoming mothers—by working fewer hours or by switching to a less demanding job, such as one requiring less travel or overtime. 

Only 13-37% of fathers said they had done so, and more than half of those men said their partner had also scaled back. 

This pattern means that men get a better shot at a pay rise or a promotion than their female colleagues and are less likely to be in jobs for which they are overqualified. 

A recent study estimated that in America women’s future wages fall, on average, by 4% per child, and by 10% per child in the case of the highest-earning, most skilled white women. 

In Britain, a mother’s wages fall by 2% for each year she is out of the workforce, and twice as much if she has good school-leaving qualifications.

A study at the University of Massachusetts found that the average man earns a pay bump of more than 6% when he becomes a father.

Conversely, they found that women’s earnings decrease by 4 percent for every child they had. 

This again has to do with a choice of being actively involved and what each of the parties thinks is more important for the child’s life. 

While men will provide security, whereas women will provide attention.

Women choose to dedicate more time than men to the child after they’re born.

We live in a society where women, after giving birth, typically choose to dedicate themselves more to the child than men do, as follows: –

Managing the kid’s schedule.

Taking care of them when they’re sick.

In household chores in 47 percent of the cases, women do more, in only 6 percent of the issues men do more, and in around 47 percent of those cases, they share the burden equally.

Women retire on average earlier than men do from the workforce.

50 years ago, women retired on average 15 years earlier than men did. 

This gap has been narrowing ever since, but even today, women on average, retire 2.2 years earlier than their male counterparts. 

This is just yet another overlooked element that contributes to why men will earn more money in their lifetime than women.

In the U.S., for example, the state doesn’t offer paid maternity leave.

To the best of our knowledge, here are the only countries in the world that don’t offer paid maternity leave: -Swaziland, Lesotho, Papua New Guinea, and the United States of America.

Since women are the child bearers and choose to take care of the child after it’s born actively, they are directly impacted by this legislation from a financial perspective. 

The rest of the world has figured this out, but the U.S. still has some catching up to do.

Gender discrimination is still a real thing.

But it happens when women are in charge as well. 

A study shows that women are more likely to hire other women than men are. 

This type of discrimination is quite even out between the two genders, and you need to be aware of this if you’re entering the workforce.

The truth is women are as intelligent and emotionally ready to earn as much as men do. 

However, there is a difference in priorities and what each gender would like to achieve on a large scale. 

And you know this is meant to be a conversation, Readers!

Why do you think, on average, women earn less than men?

Is it even true? Let us know in the comments?

As a reward for watching with us until the end, here’s your bonus

Women are more agreeable than Men, Therefore, less likely to earn.

This applies to both men and women, and we’d like to reference Jordan Peterson for his extensive research on this. 

You might know him from the interview he did on channel 4 (if you haven’t seen the entire thing go, watch it). 

Society should strive for equality of opportunity, not the equality of outcome. 

It would be best if you were given the same chance to compete, but we’re not going to bend the rules, so you get an unfair advantage.

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