Why You are Not Rich?

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Why You are Not Rich?


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Every human being wants to be the wealthiest person on this planet. But how many are?

Therefore, we have a mission to bring out Explicit Facts about money, which will help the readers differentiate between the rich and the poor.

But some people fail to accept those facts, especially when we tell them that they’ll never be rich.


Not everyone can’t win the race!

Everyone except the winner will have to accept defeat.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the topic, “Why You are Not Rich?.

Got Graduation Degree in Subjects you Hate?

Everyone is not an Engineer and Doctor by birth.

If you don’t like or understand both Science and Maths, then in no way you can become a good Engineer or Doctor. 

Often, the boys and girls take up some graduation subjects just under the sheer pressure of their parents, without ever thinking once, who will they excel in the subjects they don’t understand!

You will always remain a substandard technician who will never get a stream of your choice.

You get a job based on the subject you study in college during graduation or post-graduation as you will never see an Engineer working as a Doctor or vice versa.

So, when you don’t like Science, then on what basis you will earn good grades in University exams, and subsequently, how will you make it to a good job or create a good business in the field of your expertise. 

The same rule applies to all streams of graduation and Post-Graduation.


So, a person who is dragging himself as an Engineer, Doctor, or Architect can never be a rich man until he returns to the field, which he loves by heart.

Just imagine Sachin Tendulkar studying in engineering college and passing out with a first-class degree.

He did what he loved the most and made it to one of the richest cricketers in the World!

Guru Randhawa completed his MBA but followed his heart and became a singer. On YouTube Channel, his songs rock, and he represents one of the best singers in the country.

Moral of the story – Study what you love. Love what you Study.

Suppose your goal in life is to be the richest man in this life or the most successful man in the field of your expertise.


In that case, this article is a suitable place to start because we will help you evaluate your current life practices and help in figuring out what you need to improve upon immediately if you want to increase your chances of success.

Getting rich is a very tricky task, which is ONLY possible with the combination of Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Discipline, Creativity, Focus, Analysis, and sacrifices to trade with the future!

While staying poor is the most straightforward option!

Are you Married Happily?

When you are not happy with the spouse with whom you spend half of the day and sleep, then there are significantly fewer chances that you will make it to the rich. 

Although there are few exceptions too.

Unhappy marriage leads to a wastage of time sorting out each other (Part 1 and Part 2). 

In the worst-case scenario, if you decide to apply for divorce, then a great amount of money gets wasted in sharing divorce alimony or court proceeding. 

Court proceedings also suck in a lot of time, which could have been utilized to do other more important and constructive things.


When you are not happy with your spouse means no good sex, which means an unsatisfied soul and the biological clock always ticking mode.

They are leading to frustration inside the body. Few people decide to go for EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS, which creates problems of different intensity.

When we have to choose between spouse or society, and then life goes on a different tangent.

Even if you don’t go for an extramarital affair, your body requirements will not let you focus on earning wealth.

You will quickly get distracted by any good-looking person who comes before your eyes.

Problems after this point don’t need any further explanations.


With unsatisfied family life and sex, you can find it extremely difficult to focus on your target to earn wealth.

If you love your spouse, the chances of you getting wealthy increase!

Moral of the story: Marry the person you love!

Are you scared of failures?

Everyone knows very well about the climbers who died climbing Mount Everest, and therefore, they don’t even think to give one try. 

But there are many other Bravehearts, who despite knowing the same facts, decides to try it. 

From those brave hearts, many people die while climbing to the top. 

But still, few of them survived all the climatic and other related hardships and punched in their names in the history of the Successful Climbers who made it to the World’s Highest Peak.


Dhirubhai Ambani. Dhirubhai Ambani is an example of a great man who began from nothing, followed his dream, and made it true. His father was a teacher, and his family didn’t have a lot of money. 

He travelled with his family to Yemen at the age of 16 where he started his first job. After some time, Dhirubhai returned to India and founded his first company, but things didn’t go well with his partner, and the partnership ended.

Dhirubhai was above thirty when he started his second company. Shortly his new brand Vimal became popular, and within years, he became a billionaire.

Dhirubhai was mentioned in Forbes, chosen to be among the top businessmen in Asia, and his financial empire today is worth more than 60 billion dollars. Dhirubhai died in 2002. (Courtesy – Wikipedia)

Tom Whittaker. Tom is the first disabled person to climb Mount Everest. He once said he loved living life like an eagle, rather than a vulture who takes what’s easy and in front of it, is the key to success.


Nobody wants to lose in life. But there’s a major difference between those who go towards their goals despite the fear of failure and those who choose not to try at all, due to their inbuilt fear factor.

Explicit TruthYou don’t get the chance even to fail many times in life. 

You only get a limited number of chances to win over the life you want. 

If you fail all the available chances, then your life might be worse than if you just played it safe. 

That’s the Explicit Truth of this game.Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!Why You are Not Rich? Fear is a natural phenomenon built deep inside, every human being on this planet and beyond anyone’s control. 

It worked well when you fought a mammoth when failure meant literal death. 

But in the present case, failure means you must start over.

If you invest your time and efforts in learning the tricks of the game you want to win and get comfortable with the lessons learned while exploring the new option in life, you will better minimise failure in life.

If you’re too scared to fail, that it’s stopping you from even trying, you’re not going to make it!

Love, making Excuses?

Few situations in life are just out of your control, and they happen without your permission. 

You know that it’s not your fault. The system is unfair! This is how lazy bums justify their lack of success.


People hate to hear this because one day, they realize that the World is not the main culprit. It’s their excuses or them.

The realization that you are not good enough not working enough, not growing enough, not emotionally mature enough. These are all horrifying things that most people don’t want to confront.

So people end up making excuses, where they try to blame their failure on everything except themselves.

They expect the World to change to facilitate their current situation.

Slowly and conveniently, people have slowly started accepting their FAT & UNHEALTHY bodies because they don’t want to eat healthy food and do exercises.

It’s easier to be part of such an excuse loving population than to take responsibility for your body and dedicate the following years to fixing it.

Courtesy – YouTube

Not Concerned for Health

Till you attain the age of at least 40 years, worrying about your health is probably not the first thing on your mind.

You love to eat junk food, sweets, etc., and love to smoke and drink too. 


You don’t exercise at all to keep your body in good shape.

You don’t ensure 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep every day.

You are probably not too worried about your rising blood pressure either.

Now, what will happen when you reach the golden age of 40 years after having lived such a life?

You will start showing symptoms of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

You will end up wasting precious time and money on more than regular checkups and will experience a lot of physical limitations concerning even your working hours.

You will be asked to ‘avoid professional stress’.

You will have to pay hefty bills to doctors for their fees and medicine.

Even if you are insured, you will have to pay a premium every year, which could otherwise have been used for investments.

That means you will automatically be forced out of your regular competition against those who took good care of their health in the earlier days and are conscious of it even now.

Health is one asset that God gifts equally to almost everyone.

It’s a privileged starting point.

How one maintains it and keeps it safe is an individual’s choice.

Learn some lessons of staying fit from 3 years old twins sisters by watching the video shown below.


Courtesy – Youtube

Moral of the story: Your health will be a game-changer at the peak of your career.

Paid Per Hour

There exists this beautiful concept of an ‘economic pyramid’. 

For the sake of a better understanding, let us break down the wealth distribution ratio for people of varying dispositions, regardless of their social background.

We have the ‘lazy’ people at the bottom, who eventually fall into poverty. 

Due to some conscious decisions or perhaps due to reasons beyond their control, they don’t actively participate at a certain required level in the marketplace.


Then comes the group of ’employees’ who work for 40+ hours a week and get paid on a per-hour basis. 

They are categorized as the various sub-sections of the middle class. 

They improve their conditions by undergoing up-gradation courses and getting paid more per hour or working long hours with or without breaks.

Then come to the people who pay the middle class for their 40+ hours a week of work. 

They pay themselves. 

They spend on whatever they need from the huge profits they make.

Then come the people of the top brass

They are paid to solve big problems involving hundreds of people and moving pieces. 

They are paid based on solutions, creativity, and vision for the organization, which drives a company’s future.SEMrush Rule of the Game: You need to understand that all of us have only 24 hours in a day, so one cannot expect to be paid for more than that. 

Therefore, if you are paid by the hour, you have a ceiling of a limited number of working hours above your head that you can capitalize on. 

To improve your standard, the only method is to jump up levels.

More Focus on Savings than Earnings

This section differentiates between working to become rich and people who are trying not to be poor.

You can save your way into the middle class, but you cannot do the same to attain a billionaire status.

The only way possible to become rich is to earn more, save more, and invest the savings. 

For that, you need to figure out where to invest your savings to generate more money. 

Then, you take the money earned from your last investment and invest it in other projects or schemes, which can generate even more wealth. 

Keep repeating the process until you achieve your wealth target.


Moral of the Story: Without increasing your earnings, you won’t be able to make investments.

No Financial Goals

People who aim to be rich, make it their business and lifestyle to get rich.

It becomes a priority for them, to set up their financial goals and then act in accordance with what it would take to achieve them.

Without a proper plan, a financial goal is just a do-to list.


Most people don’t wonder why they earn less. 

They fake the life of content as they make peace with their current situation. 

If you don’t want to stay poor, start looking at how and how much you are getting paid. Team Explicit Wealth has covered the new topic of Harsh Realities Business Schools Fail to Teach.

Nil Investments

Please appreciate that the apartment or house you live in, is not an investment.

If you have never wondered how other people have made so much more wealth than you or are not familiar with the process, you are never going to be rich!

No matter how small the investments are, learn, understand, and experiment with them. 

An intelligent investment will ensure that you generate more money than you put in it. 

To understand, they can be divided into two broad parts: active investments and passive investments. Learn the Secret Tricks of Billionaire Club.

Active – you invest money and time in your own business.

Passive – you buy an apartment and rent it out.


Assume that Luck is only with Rich.

Do you assume that the rich have got fortunate positions out of sheer Luck? 

That they didn’t have to go through what you are going or went through? 

That they are born rich? 

Or they are lucky to have access to some great secret that got them to the position they are at today?

Yes. Luck is a game-changer, but it’s not the ONLY deciding factor.

With the inheritance of wealth or a business, one indeed gets a head-start, but to survive the cut-throat competition of life, one needs to fight and pull through because only the fittest survive.


People who were in a worse situation than what you are in right now managed their way up to the billionaire club with thorough planning, hard work, dedication, suitable investment, and the will to succeed.

If you are reading this article, it already means that you are lucky and have been given a head start because it means that you have an internet connection and a smartphone on which you are reading this article. 

This is the ‘luck’ part. 

Compare yourself against those who don’t have even primary access to electricity, let alone the internet or a smartphone.

Rich people were not any luckier. 

You are a victim of your mindset and your lack of will to move out of your comfort zone and do something which others find difficult even to think about.

Team Explicit Facts has compiled a controversial article Can We Create Our Luck?

Afraid of Experimenting with New Things

How do you expect your life to change if you don’t change what you do?

Change is scary because you must get out of your comfort zone for it, but that is where all the good things you didn’t know about yourself lie.


Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it ‘a life’!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

How often do you travel?

How often do you push yourself outside of your comfort zone?

A Desire to Get Rich is Not Enough!

Force yourself out of your comfort zone and push yourself into new situations that make you uncomfortable or that you’re scared to face because that’s where you will learn more about who you are and who you want to be.

Work for 40-hours per Week or Less.

If you are working only 40 hours per week or less, be assured that you are probably not working enough. 

We have never heard of a billionaire who managed to build an empire of wealth by sticking to the 40-hours-per-week routine.

Rich people work for a minimum of 60 hours per week. 

Billionaires work for a minimum of 80 to 100 hours per week. EVERY WEEK! FOR YEARS!

We’ve said it once, and we’ll repeat it: We all have the same number of hours in a day and a week.

Some people use those hours to become successful, and others choose to waste them.

It doesn’t matter how smart you work either, and there will always be many more like you. 

If you want better results, you’ll need to work more.

Waiting for a Miracle?

You love visiting casinos, trying your luck in gambling.

You are waiting for some big inheritance to start your life finally.


You love to play in your mind what you would do with the millions you don’t have. 

You use the power of thinking, try to manifest the secret into your life, waiting for the universe to reward you for your thoughts, or perhaps your God to gift you the energy you believe you deserve.

That’s all bullshit! Wake up, lazy bums!

The miracle is that you are alive right now! 

The universe, your God, or whomever you believe in has already done their part. 

Now, it’s your time to do yours!

If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it! 

We are here to let you know that the universe wants you to get off your lazy ass and get to work!

If you’ve got some of these beliefs, you might want to take a good look at yourself and figure out who you want to be.

Malavath Purna: On 25 May 2014, Poorna scaled the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest, and became the youngest Indian (aged 13 years and 11 months) and the youngest girl in the world to have reached the summit of Mt. Everest.

What would have happened had she waited for some miracle to happen to suggest to her that she could scale Mount Everest without thinking big or moving out of her comfort zone?

Weak in Basic Maths?

Making money is nothing but a continuous mathematical process of playing with numbers. 

This is how much you earn, per deal, per hour; out of this, you pay a portion to your suppliers and employees; out of what’s left, you pay a percentage as tax and then reinvest whatever your share of the profit is into other income-generating assets.

That’s all there is to it.


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