Harsh Realities Business Schools Fail to Teach! (Part 2)

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Continued from Harsh Realities, Business Schools Fail to Teach! (Part 1)


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We are back with Part 2 of “Harsh Realities, Business Schools Fail to Teach!”

Now without any more time, let us dive into the topic regarding Harsh Realities, Elite Business Schools fail to Teach.

Why have a Good “Family Life”!

You are extremely demanding work, talented, have a “gold medal” in Elite Business School’s MBA degree… But if your married life is not satisfactory, then you will never be able to catch up with your peers, who may have lesser capabilities than you but have a better-married life.

If you happen to land in Divorce Case, then please be assured that most of your Prime Youth Time and hard-earned money, will be wasted in fighting the long legal case just to prove, how idiot your spouse has been.

Also, your case will purely depend upon the professional aptitude of the lawyer and judge’s inclination towards Sex Discrimination.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos had to part way with US$ 35 Billion (with a B!) along with the undisclosed amount of money, just to get free from the clutches of his ex-wife.

business schools

His divorce case was the most expensive legal case ever fought on this planet, to make his ex-wife the world’s 5th richest man overnight! (Jeff Bezos’ $150 billion divorce: What you need to know)

Just imagine the amount of fee charged by the lawyers on both sides!

Now the entire world knows about the contribution of his wife in building the World’s Online Market, from scratch.

Please understand that… after marriage, your spouse is the first person you see in the morning and the last before you sleep.

Now, if you don’t like your spouse only, then there are exceedingly high chances that YOU WILL BE LESS ENTHUSIASTIC IN OFFICE. 

You will spend most of the time wondering what all things you are losing in life, due to troubled marriage.

business schools

If you are sexually unsatisfied with your spouse, then there are very chances, that you will get physically attracted to opposite-sex colleagues in the office. Remember Biological Clock?

When you stop thinking from your head and start taking office decisions with your middle part, then you WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE IT TO TOP.

Team Explicit Facts have compiled some hard-hitting facts about love and marriage like Sleep with a Stranger? Arrange Marriage! Part 1 and Part 2. Abused but Survived! Part 1. Harsh Truth About Relationships! Part 1.

Moral of the story. Marry the person you love. Love the person you marry!! Grow rich together!!

Nobody cares that you tried.

Here’s something that will hit you like a sack of potatoes.

The world is result-oriented.

It doesn’t care about attempts.

It only cares about what gets done.

business schools

To put it simply the world doesn’t care how hard you try, you’re the only one.

Effort gets recognized only once it materializes into something tangible.

Therefore, nobody cares about what you plan to do… the book that you plan to write… the trips you plan to take.

We were all super busy and ain’t nobody got time for that wishful of yours.

In school, you get praised for your attempts… While in business if all you do is just an attempt, you’ll quickly go bankrupt.

There are no participation trophies in life.

Trained Behaviour

They’ve been trying to tweak this for years to make more sense of the word, yet they’re still isn’t a clear picture of why people behave the way they do.

business schools

They’ll teach you about the laws of economics, about supply and demand, about price elasticity but we’ve never learned anything about trained behavior.

To put it simply- “Tiny stakes keep a 2-ton elephant at bay because it worked when they were babies”.

A trained behavior is something society teaches you when you’re young that becomes so instilled in your identity it affects your behavior.

Remember when Pepsi tried to introduce the Crystal cola.

It was supposed to have the same taste but clear: both Coke and Pepsi spent years teaching customers that Cola is supposed to look black or dark in colour so no wonder the concept failed.

When KFC went to China, they had a bunch of problems:

  • Their well-known slogan “Finger licking good” got translated to “eat your fingers off” but this was a marketing mistake.
  • The second one- was that they failed to understand how breeders raise the local chickens. When sourcing local chickens, they didn’t realize the main diet of chickens in China consists of fish. Dramatically changing the taste when compared to traditional U.S. poultry.

It’s important to understand how people will react based on the way they were brought up.

Their personal story and their journey, the environment that raised them and the factors that influenced it.

Trust and Patience

Good things take time and good relationships need trust. Both are hard to teach because they build up because of lifelong practice.

While both are hard to cultivate, trust is more fragile.

business schools

You can lose your patience once and recover, but if you lose trust it’s almost impossible to come back especially currently where options are available everywhere.

Even in romantic relationships- “I trust you” is greater than “I love you”.

Take a moment if you need it and you’ll suddenly realize the difference between these two.

As for patience, here’s where things get a bit more complex.

While patience is a virtue, time is gold.

You must learn the distinction between when to wait and when to jump the gun.

Lifestyle Design

Nobody is teaching you how to plan your life, so you become a successful individual.

Business can be the fuel needed to take you to the life you desire, but it can come at a steep price.

business schools

In business schools, they don’t mention the following aspects-

Burnout– that pushing yourself too hard can have a long-lasting effect on your body and mind.

The Sacrificesyou must make. How to be in the top 10% of your industry you statistically need to double your efforts versus your competitors because they’re already putting in 50% more than everybody else just to stay in business.

Milestone makingWhat is normal in your 20s might not work in your 30s. The importance of raising quality children and the impact they have on your life.

Life changesHow life changes with time.

These are big parts of someone’s life both from a personal and a professional perspective. Perspectives which usually intertwine with one another.

Our advice is for you to take a moment and break down your life, by decades and under each one writes what you consider to be the priorities of each block.

For each decade fill in this structure: –

  1. What should most of my time go toward?
  2. What am I willing to sacrifice in the process?
  3. What do I get in return?

Do it right now for the next 30 years of your life, at least you’ll have something to fall back on to while making your decisions.

Creating an Impression on Someone.

We’ve already established that having people like you is an asset. But how do you do it?

What goes into creating a quality first impression and why does it matter this early?

It all goes back to trust and showing the other party that you’re on the same team they are. This rule is very much applicable in personal life too.

business schools

Does this mean you have to wear a suit everywhere you go?

No, not necessarily but wearing a suit, when other people are wearing one is a plus.

The first impression is about letting the other person know, that you take them and yourself seriously.

You’re not there to waste anybody’s time and you’re more alike to one another.

Recently we met a lovely couple who apart from their incredible work ethic had such an advanced social IQ that people were mesmerized by them.

We quickly became friends and they told us, how in the early days of their business people loved them so much they decided to invest in them.

They now run a multi-million-dollar short-term rental company with investors from all over the world.

There was no need for them to be something they’re not but like.

A muscle, their social skills developed in time allowing them to instantly connect to anyone and to make a great first impression.

This is a skill that opens doors where other people would hit a brick wall.

How to “Self-Motivate”?

A big part of being successful in life is the ability to push yourself forward when you simply don’t feel like it.

Self-motivation is one of those ingredients that differentiate the real from the pretenders.

Because when things get tough only a small portion of the population is willing to push through the pain to come out on the other side.

Everyone else will simply quit and adjust.

Despite being such an integral part of success, there isn’t a class on how to do it, mainly because the teachers have no idea how to do it themselves.

In our personal experience, there are only two things that have a real impact on your behavior how motivated you are: –

  • A good freaking reason to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Discipline- to trick your body into starting to put in the work even for a small amount of schools

Think about it like this-

Without a burning goal inside of you, nothing is worth pursuing.

Why would you?

You need the hunger… the desire… the need to get to a certain level to acquire the lifestyle you want, the security it’ll bring to your children and family, the opportunities you don’t have access to right now.

Why do you have to do it?

What will it mean to achieve it?

And then the parent with a self-discipline trick, we learned a while back, that’s worked miracles for us. This single trick right here will do wonders for your productivity if you learn how to use it.

Pay close attention.

Do it for five minutes, whatever it is you must do, sit down, and give yourself only five minutes to focus exclusively on the task at hand.

After five minutes of effort toward your task you can stop but do it for five minutes.

Here’s why this is so magical: –

Maybe you’re feeling lazy and you’re well known for your procrastination, but if we asked you to brush only one tooth before bed and you go to the bathroom and brush the one we asked you, would you stop after the one and then go to bed?

No, you’d keep on going, right?

It’s the same with everything else in life.

People expect this wave of motivation to just come over them and they go on a working spree… when it’s these little pushes that build up the motivation to keep going.

If you’re a writer force yourself to write one page.

If you’re a photographer force yourself to take five photos.

Whatever you do force yourself to do the smallest increment that you can do and do it poorly if you must.

Just do it.

You know why? Because one is greater than zero.

Practice in Public.

There’s this tendency to stick to the book during university.

For some reason, they think the theory is at least as important as a practice, but business is not like that.

Business is more like sports.

If you can believe it, you don’t learn how to run from a book

You don’t build up your biceps by reading the cited sources.

Although you might get a good workout if you keep flexing those big assess college books, they make you buy.

There’s this level of arrogance coming from academia that doesn’t always translate into the real world.

You might have the best business plan in the world and when you go live with the product you realize that people simply don’t like it or don’t need it or they don’t like you.

Practicing in public might be intimidating but at least you’re getting the realistic feedback you can get. no matter what you’re doing.

business schools

Put it out there and people will let you know, how they really feel about it.

To be honest, most of it will be complete trash. But every now and then someone will point out something that’s valuable.

Your job is to be able to filter through the noise.

How to Focus your Mind.

Everything that makes you, you reside between those two ears of yours.

Everything you are and will be in life begins in your mind.

Unfortunately for most students even in business school, they don’t teach you how to deal with the stress caused by the life you chose.

They don’t teach you, how to focus your mind to produce creative answers that add value to your life.

They don’t teach you, how to regulate your emotions and compartmentalize your thoughts.

business schools

Therefore 80% of successful individuals have a practice of daily meditation in their life.

They end up spending tens of thousands of dollars per year on high-quality teachers that help them focus their minds to collect those golden nuggets that are buried deep within oneself.

A single idea can dramatically change the course of your life.

One realization can help you level up and completely alter your future.

This has been one of those things that we had to figure out for ourselves and to this day, has had one of the largest impacts on our development, personally and professionally.

Now can we assume that nowadays, University Degrees are slowly getting USELESS, which will surely help you waste your major part of your life struggling with the never-ending fight with Education Loan?

Don’t believe us… Just watch the video yourself.

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What’s the one thing they didn’t teach you in business school that you found incredibly valuable?

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