God Loves Billionaires? (Part 1)

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God Loves Billionaires?


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Today is going to be an interesting discussion and this article will offend some people because you simply can’t escape it any time you mentioned religion on any of the Social Media Platform.

By the end of this article series, we’re going to have a better understanding of an interesting phenomenon, where people prey on the needy in order to fulfill personal desires, for a luxurious life, two rare sneakers… to what it takes to build a Tax-free megachurch.

Unanswered Questions

Some Explicit Questions need to be answered in one’s lifetime.

By donating money in the name of “God” or “Religion”, can you play around with your death? or guarantee a place in heaven?

If Heaven or Hell exists, then who has seen them? Has anyone produced any proofs to date for their existence?

Do you want to block your place in Heaven? If yes, then how will you do so?


How much money are you ready to shell out for securing one place for yourself in heaven?

Will you spend money to block your own place in heaven or will you worry about the blocking spaces for your spouse and kids too?

If you don’t find anything called “Heaven” or “Hell” after your death, then will you be ever able to do anything to get your money back, paid to secure a place in Heaven? What will your soul do then?

In case you manage a place for yourself in heaven, but find your spouse or kids thrown in hell for lack of money, will you remain as a silent spectator or will you exchange your space in heaven against their space in hell?

Still, Struggling to Answer the Above Questions?

If you don’t like to face the above-mentioned question or feel uncomfortable answering them, then that clearly means that “you don’t know how the religion works!”

So, in this first chapter of “God Loves Billionaires!”, Team Explicit Facts will try to explain the few “Rules of Religion”, religiously followed by each so-called “Messenger of God” and proved relevant for centuries.

We as a team understood these problems in a hard way, after thoroughly understanding “How Religion Works” and “How Religion Serves Only Wealthy”.

We will try to relate all these rules with real-life examples, to help you understand them easily.

Messenger of God

We are all human.

We all have the same desires.

We want to feel important. We want to enjoy life… and We want to build fortunes.

Throughout the ages, people have sought out separate ways to achieve this… Either through inventing products, creating businesses, or being at the forefront of cultural change. But there’s always been a position of power in each community.

For years, the three most important people in each community were in this order… The priest, the mayor, and the teacher or doctor. Sometimes, they were the same person.


In many parts of the world, people would still go to a priest, rather than see a doctor for an illness, they are fighting.

Moreover, these priests have really raised a question regarding the time and money spent by each doctor on this planet to study the science of healing the body when it can be healed directly by the “Act of God!”.

We know many families who see their ancestral property so that the bright kid of the family can be sent for the graduation and post-graduation degree in Medical Science.

Do we really need to do all those sacrifices when all kinds of healing can be done just by visiting a priest in church?

Courtesy – YouTube

In December of 2019, the pandemic called coronavirus broke out in China, which later spread out in other 180 countries. People losing life due to coronavirus, are about to touch hundreds of thousands.

Many hospitals got flooded with COVID-19 positive patients. But immediately after this outbreak, these churches were locked, and priests vanished!



There is a direct correlation between, how religious geography is and their level of wealth.

The more powerful the religion is, the poorer the people are.

There are only two exceptions to this the United States and oil-driven countries.

Religion is keeping people poor and uneducated.

Most religions look down on two things…

One – “Science” … The more educated you are, the less likely you are, to not question everything.


Two- “Wealth” … because wealth is power and powerful people can’t be controlled as easily.

GodTherefore, most religions ask you not to question the way, the “God” works and preach that rich people are evil and you should stay away from money.

It seems that the church has figured out a solution to this money problem. Simply give it to them.

In this article, we’ll be using the denominational churches, to reflect the position of many religious establishments from around the world, with a big focus on Christianity just keep that in mind, as we move forward.

How did Religion Take Over the World??

For many centuries, the church has been the most powerful force in the world.

To this day, there’s never been an organization to top the wealth, the church was able to gather in the past.

Courtesy – YouTube

Religion behaved more like an empire than as a spiritual guide for the world.

They slaughtered civilians and took their wealth, to push the word of God, through force. And because armies required money, they had to keep bringing in the wealth.

So, they took over more territory, to acquire more land and wealth, to grow their army even more and the cycle continued.God

Kings were not pleased, with how powerful religion was becoming and they were afraid of the house stories, the church was preaching.

Kings used to be horrible people. They raped, killed, and did plenty of sinful things.

So, the church offered an alternative. Pay for a new church and bow before God.

Well, he’s not here. So, bow before us… God’s messenger.GodAt this point the church becomes unstoppable and nobody dares to confront it. So, much so, that they don’t know, what to do with all that wealth. That’s why the world is filled with temples of worship.

The church is, by far the biggest real estate owner in the world. There are 350,000 religious’ congregations in the United States alone… that’s 10 times more churches than McDonald’s worldwide.

The total number of places of worship around the world is somewhere in the ballpark of 37 million. All these places rely on their congregation and followers to maintain it.

Courtesy – YouTube

Religion is a giant leech, sucking money out of the population and governments… promising guidance and supposedly acting as a moral compass for the masses.

Over time they found ridiculous ways to bring more money in.

Pay Off Your Sins… Buy Your Way to Heaven!

For some reason, God loved owning property on earth. You know the place; he created and sins he can’t buy it himself he has his acolytes do his work for him.

That’s why they have a very specific rule in place which says, “No matter, how bad you’ve been in life if, in your last few minutes of life, you pledged yourself to the Lord you can still go to heaven”!


If you’re looking for this loophole, look no further than “No one enters the kingdom of heaven with sin”.

Then Peter said unto them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, Acts 2:38”.

Even more so, Jesus did not come to condemn the world (John 3:17) and he will not let one sheep be lost (Luke 15:4-4) and even the prodigal son will one day come home (Luke 15:11-32).

We don’t want to turn this into some Bible study group, but these two are important for they set an enormously powerful precedent.

As long as you repent, even Satan can get into heaven. The catch is, they decide what repenting is.

Many of you, might not be familiar with indulgences. Not long ago, you could buy your sins away from the church. They were like fun times coupons. This was the official stance of the church.


As long as you could afford to buy indulgences, God would turn a blind eye, to whatever you were doing.

This works for small sins or could secure your way into the big house if you’re willing to donate your home or a state.

They prey on vulnerable people, who are on their deathbeds, “In order to secure themselves a place in heaven… Just split your wealth, between the church and your kids” … and this is still happening all around the world.

The less educated a population is, the more likely they are to buy into this.

Examples. Last year ISM Bob Way pastor was arrested, for selling golden tickets to heaven for $500 each.

He said, “Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me these tickets, made of pure gold, so I can sell to people who want salvation”. He inspired others to follow him.


Tito and Amanda Watts were arrested when they were selling golden tickets to heaven to hundreds of people.

The couple who sold the tickets on the street for $99.99 per ticket told buyers, “The tickets were made from solid gold and each ticket reserved the buyer a spot in heaven.

Simply present the ticket at the pearly gates and your end”.


But the thing is selling tickets to heaven is completely legal. They got arrested for lying about the tickets being made of gold when they were just spray-painted.

Continued In “God Loves Billionaires? (Part 2)

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