During COVID Lockdown, every soul realized the importance of money just to survive. People lost their jobs. There was no proper supply of food. Few families in the lower levels of society went to situations with zero money in the pocket.

All educational classes were turned into online classes. So, everyone was supposed to possess a laptop or a smartphone to participate in online classes.

Many families were so poor, that they didn’t have smartphones. This IT loophole was exposed during online classes when small kids required smartphones/ laptops to attend their online classes.  

Real Life Incident

In Goa, during the phase of lockdown and online classes, a 10-year-old boy asked his father to buy one smartphone. so that he could cope up with his school curriculum through online classes.

His father was extremely poor and out of work due to lockdown and pandemics.

The father just asked him to wait for 2 to 3 months, as his father had recently lost his job.

To this, the boy told his father that he will lose out a quarter of his school sessions if he is made to wait for 2 to 3 months to get new mobile and may even lose one year.

On hearing that father just lost his cool and pulled up his son’s shirt’s collar and asked him to wait for a few months… Since they were struggling to make up for two meals a day.

When the boy’s shirt collar was pulled, then he requested his father to release his collar as that shirt, which he was wearing, was the only shirt he had, as the boy was worried that his ONLY shirt will also get damaged.

To this, his father calmed down and released the boy’s collar.

That boy unbuttoned his shirt, removed it to his bare chest, and then went in front of his father and asked him to beat him up to release his frustration.

To this, the father started crying and promised his son that he will try his best to get the mobile as soon as possible so that he can rejoin his classes.

After a few minutes, to calm down, the father went out of the house.

When that father returned home after a few hours, he found his 10 years old son hanging dead from the ceiling.

Our Reaction

While publishing the above article, we were so moved to the core of our hearts that we could not hold back tears in our eyes.

We realized that there are other such serious issues existing within our society, with respect to knowledge related to the rules of money, which requires proper research and reported upon in the most explicit form.

What did we find?

During our research, we also realized that in developing countries, parents themselves don’t have much knowledge about finances, taxes, and the stock market. So, zero-knowledge is passed down to the next generation, and the cycle of low income and unhappy lifestyle continues.

It was then only that the idea of this website Explicit Wealth

We ourselves started researching the aspect of getting rich and started compiling our theories in the form of articles, published on this website. 

Since then, our team has not stopped and has kept on working to compile articles regarding other wealth related topics. Lastly, we publish only those topics or articles, which are tried, tested and proved to the last word.

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